List of runs for this pcap.

Filename: merged.pcap Hash: 58408e977582ade6ed1e1efee27c9628 Uploaded: 1538686136 Re-run this file with different settings

Run ID IDS Chosen Ruleset Chosen Status Runtime (sec) Date run
e65afc3bedcae76de1512a208581b911 suricata-3.2 etpro-all Analysis complete 31.5232560635 1538686787
bf1b7920b677e2b273b9d5e82fcfa64a suricata-2.0.1 etpro-all Analysis complete 41.5542879105 1538686695
56b33745cb75ec8c950e11a498e082d2 suricata-4.0.0 etpro-all Analysis complete 36.2896468639 1538686595
d2a6d3ad9c956d904083161fa55f2f7a suricata-4.0.0 etopen-all Analysis complete 13.278329134 1538686136