List of runs for this pcap.

Filename: rdpTimeShift.pcap Hash: 243593a222454f6a302c7799f85d7cad Uploaded: 1564763536 Re-run this file with different settings

Run ID IDS Chosen Ruleset Chosen Status Runtime (sec) Date run
6916fc9f85a8ac9ae267279dbb6d3abc snort- etopen-all Analysis complete 1.11999797821 1566675508
d2a6d3ad9c956d904083161fa55f2f7a suricata-4.0.0 etopen-all Analysis complete 11.0211939812 1566428644
48e27f38cb3cf6f107cf7657e8f7c584 suricata-3.2.3 etopen-all Analysis complete 8.2344918251 1564763712
56b33745cb75ec8c950e11a498e082d2 suricata-4.0.0 etpro-all Analysis complete 23.8755660057 1564763536